Hello and Welcome!

After a years-long hiatus, following several host and technology changes, this site is the home for Matt’s Monty Python Repository.

About Matt’s Monty Python Repository

Sometime ca. 1996, I discovered a collection of transcribed Monty Python material on a random newsgroup (likely alt.fan.monty-python). Most of the material was transcribed by college students around the world in the mid-1980’s and had been in circulation on various newsgroups and downloadable via open FTP since at least 1991.

In 1997, I started stitching together these materials into this repository, starting with the screenplay of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. In fits and starts, I did this with the source materials until about 2005, at which point the site took a bit of a long sleep, being ported between technologies but not receiving any real love, care, or feeding.

In 2019, my intent was to port the old content into Drupal, but the ambition never really materialized. And in late 2021, I settled on Github pages as the best and most sustainable long-term host for this niche content. Github as a host for the repository also provides for longer-term ease of maintenance (and also the ability for folks to submit pull requests for additions/changes/edits).

About the Source Materials