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CUT TO the middle of the forest. SIR LAUNCELOT is riding along with a trusty servant, CONCORDE.

LAUNCELOT: And … o v e r … we go!

He strides over a big tree trunk … his “horse” does run and jump …

LAUNCELOT (enthusiastically): Well taken, Concorde!

CONCORDE: Thank you, sir, most kind …

LAUNCELOT: And another!

CONCORDE misses a beat.

LAUNCELOT: Steady! Good … and the last one …

CONCORDE does the run-up with the coconuts. He does the break for the leap … there is a thwack. SIR LAUNCELOT is waiting for the horse to land.

CONCORDE: Message for you, sir.

He falls forward revealing the arrow with the note.

LAUNCELOT: Concorde - speak to me.

He realizes he might be in danger and so starts to crawl off … when he notices the note. He takes it out and reads it.

LAUNCELOT (reading): “To whoever finds this note - I have been imprisoned by my father who wishes me to marry against my will. Please please please please come and rescue me. I am in the tall tower of Swamp Castle.”

SIR LAUNCELOT’s eyes light up with holy inspiration.

LAUNCELOT: At last! A call! A cry of distress …

He draws his sword, and turns to CONCORDE.

LAUNCELOT: Concorde! Brave, Concorde … you shall not have died in vain!

CONCORDE: I’m not quite dead, sir …

LAUNCELOT (a little deflated): Oh, well … er brave Concorde! You shall not have been fatally wounded in vain!

CONCORDE: I think I could pull through, sir.

LAUNCELOT: Good Concorde … stay here and rest awhile.

He makes to leap off dramatically.

CONCORDE: I think I’ll be all right to come with you, sir.

LAUNCELOT: I will send help, brave friend, as soon as I have accomplished this most daring, desperate adventure in this genre.

CONCORDE: Really, I feel fine, sir.

LAUNCELOT: Farewell, Concorde!

CONCORDE: It just seems silly … me lying here.

SIR LAUNCELOT plunges off into the forest.