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NOTE: This entire scene was cut from the film.

A Small group of PEASANTS are being shuffled into a group formation, at the apparent direction of someone behind the camera. A Few coughs as they shuffle together. a moment of silence. then they burst into pleasant (mellifluous) song.

Song: When the trees do blossom full and all the hills are green. Oh! Oh! We sing hey! hey! We sing our count….ry Song…

A hail of arrow hits them and they crumple up. sound of raucous laughter OFF CAMERA.

CUT TO Reveal a firing squad of ARCHERS kneeling not ten feet away from the group of SINGERS.

Sitting on the throne on a dais is KING BRIAN THE WILD. He is roaring with, and his court is slightly shabby - bearing all the marks of a faded richness. it is a court without women, and nobody does the washing or shaves very well. Perhaps there is washing however on the line over the castle.

KING BRIAN’S ADVISERS stand around him. Everyone bears the signs of past injuries (Except for BRIAN himself) I.E. they have an arm in a sling or head bandaged; all the people at court, except for BRIAN have their left arm missing (possibly the result of some violent edict a few years back)

KING BRIAN: HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HO! HO! HO! HO! HA! HA! HA! HA! Oh! Very good! Next!

FIRST ADVISER (a Little uncomfortably - perhaps his arm is in a sling obviously giving him some pain): There are no more, Sir.

KING BRIAN (grabbing him by the collar): What do’you mean you filthy dog!

FIRST ADVISER: There are no more close harmony groups in the kingdom, Sir.

KING BRIAN: No more close harmony groups!!!

FIRST ADVISER: We have scoured the kingdom.

KING BRIAN (lifting him bodily into the air and breaking his arm again slightly): You Miserable worm! you wretch! You Walking son of a dunghill keeper! Guards!

Two Rather shabby looking GUARDS approach. (as everyone else they also have their left arms missing)

FIRST ADVISER: have mercy your MAJESTY!

KING BRIAN: GUARDS! Take him away and suspend him by his nostrils from the highest tree in the kingdom!

The Guards grab him unmercifully and drag him off. he whines piteously.