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CUT TO SIR LAUNCELOT who is only just arriving on the other side. He looks back across the invisible chasm. Dimly in the distance he hears:

GAWAIN (OUT OF VISION): Sir Gawain of Camelot!

BRIDGEKEEPER (OOV): What is your quest?

GAWAIN (OOV): To seek the Holy Grail.

BRIDGEKEEPER (OOV): What goes: black white … black white … black white?

GAWAIN (OOV): Oh, er … Babylon! er … Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh!

SIR LAUNCELOT stands on the other side of the bridge. In the distance we hear the ritual of questions and then a scream and thud, suddenly a hand lands on LAUNCELOT’s shoulder.

POLICEMAN (VOICE OVER): Just want to ask you some questions, sir.

LAUNCELOT turns and reacts. He is led away.