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CUT TO a MAN in modern dress standing outside a castle. He speaks straight to CAMERA in a documentary kind of way.

SUPERIMPOSE CAPTION: A Very Famous Historian.

HISTORIAN’S SPEECH: Defeat at the castle seems to have utterly disheartened King Arthur … The ferocity of the French taunting took him completely by surprise and Arthur became convinced that a new strategy was required if the quest for the Holy Grail were to be brought to a successful conclusion. Arthur, having consulted his closest knights, decided that they should separate, and search for the Grail individually. Now, this is what they did. No sooner…

A KNIGHT rides into shot and hacks him to the ground. He rides off.

We stay for a moment on the glade. A MIDDLE-AGED LADY in a C. & A. twin-set emerges from the trees and looks in horror at the body of her HUSBAND.


CUT TO animated frame, with the words “The Tale of Sir Robin” on it. Pleasant pastoral music. MIX THROUGH TO:

VOICE: “The Tale Of Sir Robin”