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As the storm rages we pick up GALAHAD forcing his way through brambles and over slippery rocks. Progress is hard. He pauses and at this moment we hear the howling of wolves. GALAHAD turns, then hurries onward even more urgently. Another louder, closer howl is herd and GALAHAD stumbles and falls heavily. Though obviously injured he bravely struggles forward a little and regains his feet reacting with pain. More louder closer howling. He grips his sword valiantly and as he glances around a flash of lightning reveals the silhouette of a huge terrifying castle, perhaps looking rather derelict.

The Castle Anthrax

He makes up his mind in an instant and stumbles manfully toward it. More louder howling. He reaches the forbidding and enormous doors of the castle and beats on the doors with the handle of his sword, looking over his shoulder the while. Pause. He beats again, shouting:

GALAHAD: Open. Open the doors. In the name of King Arthur. Open the doors.

GALAHAD: I am Sir Galahad, a knight of the Round Table.

Some suitable noises are heard inside.

GALAHAD: I am on a quest for the Holy Grail. I seek shelter.

Some rattling chainy noises come from inside with huge bolts being drawn. The wolves’ howling is very close. As the door creaks open GALAHAD steps quickly inside.