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The KNIGHTS emerge from the mouth of the cave to find themselves in a breathtaking, barren landscape. Glencoe. They are half they way up the side of a mountain. They rest a few seconds and get their breath back.


GALAHAD: There it is!

ARTHUR: The Bridge of Death!

ROBIN (to himself): Oh! Great …

They look and see on the side of the mountain there is a sort of milestone which bears the words: “Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh! 5 miles” and an arrow.

ARTHUR: God be praised. This must be the gorge of which the old man spoke in scene twenty-four.

The KNIGHTS set off along and rather perilous track edging along the side of the mountain. GALAHAD is leading.

MIX THROUGH they are climbing higher. The path gets more and more slippery and dangerous. They reach another milestone which says: “Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh! 4 miles” and an arrow, and “Ni! 82 miles” and an arrow pointing in the opposite direction. They go on. It is dangerous and difficult. Tension in their faces.

As they are climbing, BEDEVERE turns to ROBIN and ARTHUR.

BEDEVERE: We must find the bridge … the Bridge of Death …

ROBIN (to himself): Oh, great!

BEDEVERE: The Bridge is guarded by a bridgekeeper, who asks each traveler three questions. And he who answers the three questions can cross in safety.

ROBIN (warily): And if you get a question wrong?

BEDEVERE: You are cast into the Gorge of Eternal Peril.